by Kathy Jones on  May 28, 2010 at 9:07 PM Dental News
 India's First Dental Stem Cell Bank is Now Open
The first-ever dental stem cell bank in India called "Store your Cells" has now been launched. This unique bank is the venture started by dentists at Dhruv Polyclinic, Mumbai.

The venture was formed under the guidance of Dr. Kedar Gadgil, who is a successful implant dentist practising at London (UK), Kent (UK), and Mumbai . He is the Director and lead clinician of Dhruv Polyclinic.

Stem cells have become the rage across the world after their health potential emerged some years ago. Stem cell banks have sprouted up all over the world. People are looking to save stem cells in anticipation of future health problems.

However teeth can actually be a rich source of stem cells. Deciduous teeth or the so-called milk teeth and wisdom teeth have an abundance of stem cells. Dental stem cells can generate many types of tissues including bone, nerve, cartilage, teeth and fat.

At "Store Your Cells" stem cells are harvested from teeth that are about to fall off or extracted. Therefore there is no extra effort involved for patients.


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