by Vishnuprasad on  November 7, 2015 at 6:47 PM Child Health News
India's Biggest Baby Weighing 14.77 Pounds Born to Mother of Nine
A 36-year-old mother has given birth to India's biggest baby ever. According to sources, the baby weighed a whopping 14.77 pounds. Doctors say that she was only in labour for 15 minutes.

On November 5, Firdous Khatun, gave birth naturally to her baby boy at Raja Ram Kalawati Hospital in Uttar Pradesh. This is the mom's ninth child. All her other children were born an average eight pounds.

"He is a miracle baby. In my 21 years of experience, I had never seen a newborn as big as him. We could not believe how, despite his big size, he smoothly came out. Though his shoulders got stuck for few seconds, within three minutes he was in my hands. He was so big that he did not fit in my hands. He is a beautiful baby," Anjana Gupata, the doctor who delivered the child, said in an interview.

The baby boy initially had respiratory problems. However, the good news is that he and his mother are now doing fine. Dr. Gupta confirmed that the infant is healthy.

The boy now holds the record for India's biggest baby. A baby weighing 13.16 pounds born last month previously held the title of the country's heaviest baby.

However, the heaviest baby ever was born in Aversa, Italy in 1955. The baby weighed 22.8 pounds.

Source: Medindia

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