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 Indians Traveling Abroad can Avail of Medical Concierge Services
The challenge in availing of medical treatment abroad nowadays does not lie in the procurement of money for expenses. It lies in the identification of hospitals and doctors, planning the travel schedule, arranging for visa, compliance with the tax and medical laws of the country where the patient is to be to be treated, and several other small details that may distract the patient from treatment and complete relaxation.

The problems discussed above can be sorted out with the help of a medical concierge, a personal assistant who can take charge of the smallest details from helping the patient around a foreign hospital, with foreign doctors, a foreign language, and in a foreign cultural setting.

Concierges - or medical travel facilitators - are people who take charge of the logistical aspects of the entire trip abroad. In short, he/she is the patient's interface with the rest of the world on the medical treatment trip.

So, what does a medical assistant comprehensively attend to? You can expect your concierge to help you do the following:

1. File medical records and make a note of your special requirements on a daily basis.

2. Liaison with various medical practitioners to ensure that you receive appropriate non-medical services.

3. Manage visits - help you navigate and escort you to the hospital / clinic.

4. The concierge will collect and verify all necessary information including insurance, identification, and applicable registration forms. He/she will assist you through the registration, insurance, and payment processes.

5. Ensure that patient safety is maintained.

6. Elevate patient concerns/immediate patient care needs immediately to the physician and effectively communicate to deliver superior service. Facilitate communication between families and the health care team.

7. The concierge provides a list of local amenities for visitors and coordinates with hotels, restaurants, flower shops, airline information, car rental services, and pharmacies, etc. He/she provides correct directions and maps for locations in the facility.

8. Communicates helpful information regarding hospital services and local resources.

9. Promotes new research, provides educational activities, and initiates expectations for improved guest relationships.

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