Indiana Has Its Own Solution Instead of Obamacare

by Vanessa Jones on Oct 12 2013 9:48 AM

 Indiana Has Its Own Solution Instead of Obamacare
Many small businesses have been downsizing or reducing working hours as they cannotcope with the mandates associated with Obamacare and the tax burdens. Indiana has always had a successful and consumer driven force where health care is concerned.
The federal government agreed to Indiana’s request to continue with the implementation of their plan which is the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) as it will save the state’s autonomy being an innovative approach to health care. This plan was first implemented in 2007 to aid low income Hoosiers with health insurance and at the same time making each person responsible for their health care. The plan is the first of its kind and is working efficiently even today.

HIP works more efficiently than the Medicaid system as everyone covered under HIP gets commercial health insurance and though the state pays most of the cost, each family has to pay 5% of its income. This gives all the participants an incentive to live a healthy lifestyle and not use the health care advantage unnecessarily.

Under HIP, people have to undergo preventive health check-ups which are paid for by the state, thus eliminating further health complications. The plan not only provides coverage but has the people participating and taking accountability for the success of the program.

The people and statesmen of Indiana are happy that the government let them continue the HIP program in which the state keeps control of the financial and health care needs. The HIP has been a success and being the first program of this kind gives the people a lot of hope.


Hannah Punitha (IRDA Licence Number: 2710062)

Dennis Kruse, Oct 2013