Indian Silk Wrapper for Harrods' £5,000 Chocolate Range

by Hannah Punitha on Jul 21 2008 9:14 PM

If you want your lady love to leap into your arms with joy, then all you have to do is give her the new range of chocolates that are being sold at Harrods that come with a price tag of whopping 5,000 pounds and are wrapped in Indian silk.

Made by renowned Lebanese chocolatier Patchi, every part of the chocolate, made from finest grown cocoa, is meticulously prepared.

The 49 chocolates are hand wrapped and placed on suede leather partitioned with gold and platinum.

Each and every chocolate is adorned with gold and Swarovski crystal and silk rose.

These are then placed in a stunning box made of genuine leather and magnificent hand woven silk from India and China.

"A number of our customers have actually asked for a product such as this which has the 'wow' factor," the Telegraph quoted Andre Dang, a spokesperson for Harrods, as saying.

The chocolates are part of Harrods' new exclusive range of products called the 'High Life'.