Indian Photographer Living With Five Kidneys

by Rajashri on Jul 10 2009 11:15 PM

In some unbelievable news, an Indian photographer is now living with five kidneys inside his body after receiving three donations from family members.

Jaswant Singh, who lives in Punjab, has had three transplant operations after his own kidneys failed; his two sisters and mother donated their organ to keep him alive.

His older sister, Harjindar Kaur, gave her own in the first operation in 2002 after the failure of both his kidneys.

Two years later, when the organ once again succumbed, his 27-year-old younger sister, Ranvir Kaur made another sacrifice.

And then finally, the mother Amar Kaur, 56,stepped forward after the poor man's kidney gave way for the third time.

"It is very difficult to explain how much I have suffered. Sometimes I could not work for months at a time. I couldn't go far from my home or eat outside, this time my mother, gave me her bean shaped organ." the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

He had been placed on dialysis, in between the operations.

The family had spent Rs 900,000 before doctors at India's National Kidney Hospital were so touched by the young photographer's tragic story and the determination of his family, that they performed Singh's most recent transplant surgery for free.

Jaswant is very grateful to his family, he said: "I was not able to afford the surgeries myself by running a photography shop. But I am thankful to my family. They sold their farmland to pay for my surgeries. My father sold about eight acres of land. "

And he hopes he becomes well, he added: "I hope my body doesn't reject this kidney, I do not know what to do if worst happens but still I have hopes on my family, on my brother and father.

"My sisters and my mother happily donated their kidneys for me. They were not scared at all and voluntarily did it.

"My sister told me, 'You are my brother and I will try to save your life even at the cost of my own life.' This really moved me. I cannot give them back anything in return.

"I cannot explain it in words and there is no way that I can pay them back. My life is indebted to them and it is their greatness that I am still living."

Jaswant's brother is a driver and his father sells milk.