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Indian Middle-Aged Women at Higher Risk of Cervical Cancer: Survey
Risk of cervical cancer is highest among middle-aged women in India, reveals a new survey. A report from SRL Diagnostics states that approximately 50 percent of middle-aged Indian women were found to have positive cases of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV), the chief risk factor for cervical cancer.

HPV is a common virus group worldwide. While there are above 100 types of HPV, at least 14 of them are confirmed to be cancer-causing.

Cervical cancer accounts for one-third of death occurring globally with 74,000 deaths occurring yearly and is the second primary reason for cancer deaths among women in India.

But, "cervical cancer is also only cancer which is preventable if care is taken in the beginning stage," stated B.R Das from SRL Diagnostics.

He added, "The high mortality rate from cervical cancer globally could be decreased through a comprehensive method that combines screening, early diagnosis and treatment programmes."

The HPV virus is transmitted sexually, and if proper care is taken, cancer can be prevented easily. Use of contraceptives is necessary to avoid transmission of such diseases. Vaccines for HPV are also accessible, and women are advised to get themselves vaccinated before they become sexually active.

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