Indian Doctors Conduct Open Heart Surgery on 18-hour-old Baby in Delhi

by Vishnuprasad on Apr 1 2015 8:56 PM

Indian Doctors Conduct Open Heart Surgery on 18-hour-old Baby in Delhi
Indian doctors have successfully conducted an emergency open heart surgery on an 18-hour-old baby, the youngest to have undergone such a surgery in the country till date.
The baby from Mathura (a city in Uttar Pradesh) was born with a rare condition in which most newborns do not survive. His veins attached to his heart in abnormal positions. Adding to the problem was an inadequate medical infrastructure. Mayank had to be transported to Delhi within hours of his birth.

However, his father and a team of doctors in Delhi were able to defy all odds. "I called people that I am blessed with a baby boy. But in 10 minutes, things changed for this first time. Little did I know that the first time I am holding my son it will be to carry him to another hospital," Mayank’s father Gopal Aggarwal said.

Surgery was the only hope but there was no guarantee. Doctors battled for six days to save Mayank’s life and they claim that by the time Mayank gets to school, he will be just like all his other his friends.

"The moment I saw that the child he was not in a good condition. I didn’t want to waste a minute. We operated and what’s unique is the way the sequence of events took place," said Dr KS Iyer, Executive Director Paediatric & Congenital heart Diseases at Fortis Excorts Heart Institute (FEHI), Delhi.