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A Road Trip To London With Message Of Food-For-All: Indian Doctors, Chemical Unit Owner
A group of doctors and a chemical unit owner, all friends from Gujarat, have embarked on a 52-day-long road trip to London. The twin theme of the trip is: 'Food for All' and 'Drive for a Better Tomorrow'.

The expedition team is called CARP (a name summing up the initials of its members - Chetan Desai, Dr. Ashok Patel, Dr. Rajan Desai and Dr. Paresh Patel)

"This journey is of two continents, 15 countries, 37 cities and we will travel more than 16,000 kilometers," said Dr. Rajen Desai.

According to Dr. Heena Patel, wife of Dr. Patel, the craze of adventure could be traced back to 25 years when the three doctors were classmates during their college days.

Dr. Desai is an ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Ashok Patel is MD in Medicine, and Dr. Paresh Patel is an orthopedic surgeon, while Desai is a chemical unit owner.

The CARP team left from Surat on May 1.

Explaining their planning and process of the trip, Dr. Desai said at first they secured a visa for their car. The process was lengthy as they had to obtain visas from at least 7 to 8 countries.

"During our journey we will pass through Nepal, Tibet, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and from Russia to Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. From the Netherlands we will ship our car to New Castle and from there to Edinburgh and then to London and we will end (our trip). If our journey will (finish) on time then we will reach London on 18th of June," said Doctor Desai.

He further added that it was very important to create awareness about food for all and a better tomorrow. The team, on their trip, plans to meet people from different cultures. They will spread awareness on the principle of food for all by following a proper distribution system.

Source: ANI

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