In Vitro Fertilization Emerging As An Easy Way for Having Twins and Triplets in India

by Reshma Anand on Oct 24 2015 11:37 AM

In Vitro Fertilization Emerging As An Easy Way for Having Twins and Triplets in India
Indian couples desirous of having twins were deliberately opting for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment and is emerging as an easy way of having twins and triplets for working parents, said doctors.
These doctors, practicing IVF treatment for years, said IVF for twins or triplets requires transferring of dual or triple embryos into the womb, which also prevents any chances of failure, which otherwise is higher in single-embryo transfer or normal IVF.

"Couples are deliberately opting for IVF for twin babies. This is increasingly due to high rate of failure of pregnancy in the single-embryo transfer; so in such situations, dual or multiple embryos are transferred so that chances of multiple-births increases significantly," said Kshitiz Murdia of Indira Infertility Clinic and Test Tube Baby Center.

Explaining the reasons for failures in single-embryo transfer, Murdia said, "When a woman chooses single-embryo transfer, the success rate gets affected as there is no guarantee for the embryo to be successfully implanted into the uterine lining."

He said the woman's age, physical health and embryo viability play a major role in IVF success and birth of twins or triplets.

Amol Lunkad, an IVF specialist from Pune, said, "If a woman chooses to have more than one embryo transferred during IVF, the chances of giving birth to twins or triplets jumps significantly. It's more of a trend among young couples these days, especially the ones who yearn to have twins and find it 'cute' to have two kids but one pregnancy."

"Some couples demand twin pregnancies as IVF is expensive and they want to complete their family in one go with two births; while a few couples don't want to go for IVF again and again," he said.

However, doctors urged women undergoing IVF treatment to follow a healthy lifestyle and stick to balanced diet, so that babies get a good start in life.

Delhi-based eminent IVF expert Arvind Vaid cautioned that there were risks to be aware of when a woman was carrying two or more babies.

"Never miss or skip your appointment with a doctor. Also, remember that multiple pregnancy is not in the hands of any doctor because when the IVF procedure is done, multiple embryos are transferred and their implantation, being a self-regulated process, can neither be altered nor interfered with," he said.