by Kathy Jones on  July 26, 2014 at 10:37 PM Child Health News
 Impulsiveness in Kids Linked With Brain Connectivity
Researchers at University of Murcia in Spain have found a link between impulsiveness and brain connectivity among kids, stating that higher the level of impulsiveness, then greater is the alteration of brain connections.

The team, which studied the changes in the brain that are associated with impulsiveness, said that these patterns can serve as an indicator for predicting the risk of behavioural problems.

Luis J. Fuentes, the main author of the study, said that impulsiveness is a risk factor for the development of serious behavioral problems and among children with a typical development; they can observe individual differences in their interaction with the environment.

The researchers said that the alteration in the connections between the posterior cingulate cortex and the right angular gyrus is also observed in people with antisocial behavior and other cerebral areas that are usually activated when performing given cognitive tasks.

Fuentes added that brain connectivity patterns can serve as biological indicators for predicting the risk of the appearance of behavioural problems and social adaptation difficulties.

Source: ANI

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