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Importance of Family Doctors in Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
Family doctors play a major role in the management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) to ensure better health outcomes in patients undergoing dialysis.

An interactive discussion with nephrologists and other doctors was organized by NephroPlus, which is India's largest dialysis network and discussed the importance of family doctors.

The event witnessed participation from more than 100 doctors from different parts of the state. NephroPlus, which is redefining dialysis delivery in India through state-of-the-art technology and protocol-based services, conducted the discussion to address topics ranging from the basics of nephrology to dialysis advancement and best practices in dialysis.

The discussion was led by Dr. Sachin Patil - MD-Medicine, DM-Nephrology Recognizing the importance of the General Physician and Family Doctors in the treatment cycle of patients afflicted with CKD, the interactive discussion addressed various aspects of preventing and managing CKDs in patients along with throwing light on some oft-neglected but important aspects of dialysis.

Though dialysis patients are primarily treated by nephrologists, the role of the family doctors continues to be important. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that General Physicians are also fully aware of efficient management of CKD and dialysis.

Vikram Vuppala, Founder and CEO, NephroPlus said, "As the incidence of CKD is increasing at quite an alarming pace, the role of the primary care physician or what is called the 'family doctor' becomes all the more important. We are proud to work with our partner Nephrologists who are investing time and effort to improve awareness of CKD management among family doctors"

Kamal Shah, Co-Founder & Director of Patient Services said, "At NephroPlus, we don't just provide the finest quality dialysis services to our guests, but make sure they are empowered and self-sufficient to handle their condition better. Knowledge sharing is important for the doctors' community too. I would like to thank the doctors who graced the occasion with their presence today. While lot of workshops, sessions and speeches are conducted on heart related diseases, cancer surgeries, diabetes etc, awareness workshops on kidney disease management hardly happen. As a result of this, not many are aware of the efficient management of the disease, added Mr Shah."

Speaking on the oft-neglected role of a family doctor in CKD management, Dr. Sachin Patil said, "Family Doctors definitely play a crucial role in a family. For those suffering from kidney complications, it is important to have a good support system comprising of their family, friends and doctors. With the family dynamics changing fast, initial symptoms are often neglected. Family doctors are often the first to notice these initial signs and hence empowering them to monitor, prevent and manage health issues like CKDs is important."

Source: Medindia

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