‘I Did Undergo a Facelift’, Says Ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch

by Savitha C Muppala on Apr 27 2013 11:36 PM

 ‘I Did Undergo a Facelift’, Says Ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch
Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch has no qualms admitting that she underwent a facelift when she was an MP. She had apparently undergone a little tightening in the face.
Initially she had refused to admit to the cosmetic procedure while she served as a MP, since most women politicians are trivialized based on how they look.

This admission came about when a review of cosmetic surgery was being conducted. This gave an opportunity to appeal for stricter controls on people who carry out these procedures.

They are of the opinion that this industry needs more regulation and the lack of it could cause things to blow over. It is like a crisis waiting to happen as companies are compromising patient health for their profits.

Mrs.Mensch was asked during a Newspaper interview in 2011 whether she had undergone a facelift. At that time she had refused to comment.

"I refused to answer that question, not because I was embarrassed about the procedure but because people are always trying to trivialize women politicians based on their appearance. But as I'm no longer a politician and the government h

as come out backing this very sensible report it seems a good time to talk about it."


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