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Hyderabad School Has Set Up Digital Library for Visually Challenged Students
A school in Hyderabad has set up a digital library to make learning easy for visually challenged students.

The Devnar Foundation that runs school for the Blind here has made the application of indigenously developed software to download learning materials from textbooks on Compact Disc (CDs) in MP3 format.

This will enable visually challenged students to learn their lessons using the CD with a headphone.

"Earlier, we used to have audio cassettes. But these cassettes have got some limited time and there is lot of limitations in the use. Now, with the help of the digital library, we can record the entire textbook in one CD format by using different types of software with the help of the computer," said a. Saibaba Goud, Chairman of the Foundation.

The school claimed, the digital library for the visually challenged is the first of its kind in the country.

The school also wants to reach out to other schools and colleges to benefit visually challenged students.

It now plans to download short stories and general books on CD format for the benefit of visually challenged.

Over 200 CDs have already been prepared on lessons from textbooks from first to tenth standard.

"They have almost given a vision to us because by using CDs, we don't need the help of people. We can just tune in any lesson which we want," said Vivek, a visually challenged student.

Visually challenged students are also given basic training in computers from the sixth standard.

Founded in 1991, the Devnar Foundation for the Blind runs the biggest school for visually challenged. Presently, it has 227 students.

Source: ANI

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