Gift Life, Live On

by Medindia Content Team on Sep 26 2007 1:21 PM

Gift Life, Live On
In a moving gesture made by the members of a brain dead patient, at least five patients has got a fresh lease of life at various hospitals in Hyderabad.
The family of a corporate employee who was declared brain dead after she was hit by a train on August 2 donated all her vital organs on Monday. The patients received transplants from the multiple organ harvesting which the doctors carried out on the 26-year-old.

The young woman, who was working in a private concern as a HR trainee, met with the accident while she was crossing the railway track at Fatehnagar railway station. She slipped into a coma and was later declared brain dead. Her liver and kidneys were given to patients at Global, heart to a patient at Nims and eyes to LV Prasad Eye Institute.

Her younger sister, an advocate by profession, said, 'She used to tell us that she would like to do good for the society, for aged in particular.'

'After the accident she went into the coma and when the doctors said she was brain dead, we decided to donate her vital organs. This is the greatest tribute we can give her,' she added.

The family that comes from Bhimavaram, now stays in the city. Last rites of Krishna Kumari were conducted at Amberpet crematorium.

MOHAN Foundation facilitated the entire process.