by Kathy Jones on  October 5, 2013 at 4:14 PM Sexual Health News
 How to Keep the Charm in Your Sex Life Post-Marriage
Having a great sex life is a critical component of a happy married life and there are certain things couples can do to ensure that their sex life does not lose its charm.

To begin with, you have to feel good about sex as the brain is the largest sex organ. Anger that is held in does not create good sex or help you to feel sexy, the Huffington Post reported.

According to, most of us have flaws, cellulite, acne, or wrinkles, but you have to embrace yourself in order to feel beautiful, and emanate the same.

The more you think about sex, the more you will want it, so read romance novels, listen to music, and watch movies to enjoy hot sex with your partner.

Couples must also indulge in foreplay to keep it exciting between the sheets.

Married sex has the capacity to be the best sex, but only if the couple values its importance.

Source: ANI

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