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How German Voters Of Different Parties Measure Up When It Comes To Sex
With a survey of how voters of different parties measure up when it comes to sex, the contest among German pollsters to measure the zeitgeist ahead of September elections hit new ground.

Supporters of the liberal Free Democrats (FDP) have the most sex (2.1 times a week), while those of the Social Democrats (SDP) have the least (1.5 times), the survey commissioned and published by Cicero magazine showed.

But SPD fans score the highest when it comes to pornography, with 17 percent admitting to enjoying blue movies, while those of Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU conservatives came third with 14 percent.

And in an indication that people might be tolerant of the promiscuous coalition-forming process that is likely to follow the September 27 vote, the survey also showed German voters of all hues to have been unfaithful.

Fifty-five percent of far-left voters admitted to having had an affair, just ahead of those of the CDU/CSU on 54 percent, with Green supporters not far behind on 51 percent. FDP voters were the most faithful, on 47 percent.

Pollsters GEWIS quizzed 1,254 males and females aged between 16 and 60 for the survey, although only those over 18 are entitled to vote.

The CDU/CSU is currently in coalition with the SPD. Recent opinion polls indicated that the CDU/CSU will be able to ditch the SPD and govern with the FDP, their more natural bedfellows, politically speaking, that is.

Source: AFP

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