House Cat in Alaska Survives 11 Stories Fall

by Bidita Debnath on Sep 8 2013 11:50 PM

 House Cat in Alaska Survives 11 Stories Fall
In Alaska, a house cat reportedly survived a 11 stories fall while she was chasing mosquitoes.
The 2-year-old cat, named Wasabi, which underwent an operation, and has pins and wires holding together her fractured leg and broken bones in a joint, was chasing a mosquito in her owners' apartment in Juneau when it flew out of the window and she followed it, the New York Post reported.

The cat, which landed in a parking lot, survived the fall but suffered a fractured leg and broken bones.

The owner Stephanie Gustafson revealed that her mother watched the female cat fall, and found her huddled in the parking lot, bloody and wet from rain.

Gustafson added that Wasabi is expected to heal in about six weeks.