by Kathy Jones on  October 31, 2011 at 6:58 PM Lifestyle News
 Hotel in Bolivia Made Entirely from Salt
Global architecture continues to amaze after reports emerged of a hotel in Bolivia made entirely from salt.

The Hotel de Sal, near Colchani, Bolivia, has stunning salt flats where vast expanses of salt lakes give the surreal impression of the earth meeting the sky.

People tend to mistake it for a beach house, with the floors dusted in a layer of sand and walls made from stone.

Even the beds are made from salt extracted from the vast salt lakes in the south of Bolivia.

A double room can be rented for 84 pounds a night, complete with breakfast.

"I love it when visitors come to this place for the first time," the Daily Mail quoted tour guide Pedro Pablo Michel Rocha as saying.

"They can't get over the fact that everything is made out of salt and I've even seen a few people lick the furniture to make sure!"

Source: ANI

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