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 Hong Kong Push For Electronic Health Records
Hong Kong city government is embarking on a big push for computerising all health records. The first phase was launched Thursday.

   Hong Kong's Secretary for Food and Health York Chow said that a population-wide electronic health records (eHR) system would serve as a fundamental infrastructure in underpinning healthcare transformation and hoped the process would be completed by 2013-14.

    "With the development of eHR, patients' health information can be shared instantaneously which will in turn enable the provision of the appropriate and most timely treatments to our patients.

    "Also, eHR reduces errors and unplanned admissions of patients and saves documentation time by medical professionals, which will in turn enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare to patients," Chow said.

Feedback and preliminary proposals from private and non-government healthcare sectors received during the first stage will help formulating appropriate strategy to further promote eHR development and sharing in the private healthcare sector.

    In the second stage, the government will engage IT professional bodies and private IT vendors to further explore the possible partnerships in developing healthcare IT solutions contributing to the development of eHR sharing, it was stated.

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