Hollywood Actor David Duchovny Checks into Rehab for Sex Addiction on the Net

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 3 2008 5:02 PM

Hollywood actor David Duchovny has checked into the rehab for sex addiction on the net, his close pal has revealed.

The 'Evolution' actor was rumoured to have checked into the rehab because of his extra marital fling but the actor's friend has confirmed it is solely because of his sex addiction on the net.

Duchovny has an addiction to pornography on the net, where the person is just hopelessly trapped in chat rooms, reports the Fox News.

Duchovny's wife Tea Leoni has long been aware of the ongoing problem and the couple had reached a point where it had to be treated.

The 48-year-old actor, who won a golden globe for portraying a sex addict in TV series 'Californication', issued a press statement about his rehab stint just when tabloids were about to issue their own version of the event.