HIV Contaminated Blood Claims the Life of Baby

HIV Contaminated Blood Claims the Life of Baby
A Spanish news agency, EFE, has reported that the death of a baby girl infected 11 months ago with AIDS from blood transfusions in a public hospital in Peru.
After being diagnosed with severe anaemia, the girl with the initials M.R.B. received shortly after birth on Nov 8, 2006 three transfusions at a hospital in Chimbote, some 440 km north of Lima.

The baby, who for the last two weeks was connected to an artificial respirator, died Monday in a Lima hospital while the parents were in Chimbote taking legal action in the case, the daily Peru.21 reported.

The child's father, Fernando Rodriguez, told the paper that the doctors did not inform either him or his wife that the "little girl was dying" although medical authorities said the parents knew that the end might come at any moment.

The case of M.R.B. and Judith Rivera, a 44-year-old mother, are both instances of AIDS-virus contagion in Peru's public hospitals in the last two years.


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