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 Hip Replacement Surgery Cures 30-Year-Old Woman Suffering from Hip Osteoarthritis
Smriti, a 30-year-old woman suffering from hip osteoarthritis for 19 years was fully cured with the help of metha short hip replacement surgery, doctors said.

She underwent the surgery years after meeting with an accident at a young age of 11 that left her with a thigh bone fracture. Despite treatment, it worsened with age. Such was her situation that she was unable to perform her daily chores.

Having to sit for long hours at office, her pain resulted in osteoarthritis of the hips. Though she was told that hip implant surgery was the only solution, Smriti always hesitated to undergo the implant due to the risk involved.

According to medical science, only 10 percent of the hip implant surgeries are successful. Findings say that in case the surgery goes wrong it may leave the lower part of the body paralyzed.

After constant persuasion by her family to undergo the surgery, she was admitted to the city-based Atlanta hospital where a team of doctors led by orthopedic expert Ravinder Singh performed the metha short hip replacement surgery, which completely cured her woes.

Under metha hip replacement, the adaptable design and minimal stem size of the metha is ideally suited for minimally invasive surgery that can lead to a quicker recovery and a smaller scar or damage to the soft tissues.

"Actually, the limitation factor with metha hip replacement surgery is that it can only be performed on young patients between age group of 25-45 with good proximal thigh bone quality to preserve bone for potential revisions in the future," said Ravinder Singh, the managing director of Atlanta hospital.

"Basically, metha hip replacement represents a new generation of implants for hip end prosthesis. It is definitely advantageous because it has minimal stem size and a circumferential coating. Therefore, minimal invasive procedures are involved," Singh added.

The doctor also said that though metha hip replacement surgery could last lifelong, some precautions were required after surgery like avoid sitting on the floor.

Source: IANS

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