High-end Molecular Imaging Research Centre Inaugurated in Delhi

High-end Molecular Imaging Research Centre Inaugurated in Delhi
Defence Minister A.K. Antony Saturday inaugurated a Molecular Imaging Research Centre in New Delhi to undertake high-end research in the development of advanced life support technology.
The state-of-the-art centre was inaugurated at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) in the capital.

The minister said the new centre would be used not only by scientists of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), but also other organisations to develop new products and processes to enhance the well being and welfare of armed forces personnel.

"It will not only enhance the health and operational efficiency of our soldiers, but also provide spin-off benefits to all sections of our society," he said.

"Indigenisation is our primary concern. Though the pace of indigenisation has increased, a lot more needs to be done. Our long-term objective is to minimise foreign assistance. We must therefore, make all-out efforts to accelerate the pace of indigenisation," Antony said.

He, however, focussed on motivating the human power of armed forces.

"I would urge all of you to pay equal and adequate attention to keep the most important component -- our human resource -- motivated and contented. All our investment in equipment and machinery will not yield the desired results till the human resource is looked after well.

"Therefore, I wish to emphasise the urgent need to devise strategies to reduce the stress on soldiers. You must continue to devise new strategies to augment the welfare of our soldiers," he said.


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