High-Carb Diets Linked to Depression

by Kathy Jones on Oct 31 2013 7:12 PM

 High-Carb Diets Linked to Depression
Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health have found that pasta and other carbohydrate-rich diets lead to an increased risk of depression and inflammation.
The researchers studied over 43,000 women who had no previous history of depression, recording their dietary habits and also took blood samples for analysis.

The researchers found that women who ate pasta, chips, bread, red meat and soft drinks were 29 to 41 percent more likely to suffer from depression and also had biomarkers that increased risk of heart ailments, strokes, cancer and diabetes.

Experts though said that the link between carbohydrates and depression could be because majority of people often turn towards sugary food items as comfort food when they are depressed. “We tend to crave sugary and fatty foods for a quick mood fix, but the sugar crash that follows could make you feel worse. Our mood is determined by a steady supply of energy from blood glucose to the brains”, British Dietary Association’s Helen Bond said.