by Hannah Punitha on  July 19, 2008 at 4:05 PM Lifestyle News
 Here's a Warning for Girls: The Biggest Bedroom Liars are Brit Blokes !
Here's a warning for girls: Don't blindly believe Brit men who boast about how well endowed they are, for the chances that they are lying are extremely high.

And, the news comes straight from a survey that revealed that more and more guys are resorting to lying to tempt babes into bed.

The survey by dating website revealed that a whopping 1.7 million guys in Britain stretch the truth to get the girls.

While almost a four million lie about how many people they have slept with, a big 2.5 million love rats usually hide the facts to cover up their cheating.

The survey even found that men were also three times more likely to lie about their vital statistics, what with sly seven percent exaggerating the size of their lunchbox.

On the other, women were found not to be so much in love with lying to impress men, with only two percent shamming about their breast size.

The survey also revealed that 25 percent more men than women wanted to keep the truth of their fidelity under wraps, while three percent more bragged about their sexual history.

But, the lies were not limited to the bedroom, for over one fourth of men reported lying about their drinking, smoking and debts, while 16 percent about their age.

"Men are more likely to brag about their previous sexual experiences to add to their 'bad-boy' image and increase their appeal to women," The Daily Star quoted Max Polyakov, from the website, as saying.

He added: "However, the qualities that women look for in men are constantly changing, so it's a good idea to be honest."

Source: ANI

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