by Kathy Jones on  March 27, 2011 at 10:32 PM Lifestyle News
Here are Ten Bad Work Habits That Test Even the Most Amiable Workers
If you examine a list of the ten most common habitual workplace offences, it shows how even the most amiable worker can be driven into becoming an office tyrant.

First on the list is whining.

People who keep on whining every chance they get, whether they have a point to make or not. Their relentless and predictable complaints, keep colleagues from taking them seriously, the Age reported.

Second is low hygiene.

These are the people who, when departing a toilet cubicle, leave the kind of mess that could only be accomplished via a positioning of acrobatic proportions. They don't clean up a meeting room when they finish, and they are, in one word, filthy.

Poor email etiquette takes third place.

These are people who unnecessarily scream in capital letters, use words like ur and gr8, send endless emails instead of using the phone, who disregard apostrophes, and who incorrectly spell words.

In fourth place is office gossip.

If a rumour doesn't exist, one will be created, anything to aid in the private belittling of a colleague.

The fifth bad habit is time wasting.

These people are either incredibly efficient or very good at doing nothing, and they'll come to your cubicle for a chat, a futile chat that lingers longer than is comfortable.

In sixth place is lateness.

People who do not consider their time to be more precious than yours, and yet that's the implication of their constant tardiness.

Seventh on the list are bad jokes.

Inappropriate humour abounds, and it's inappropriate not just because it's politically incorrect in an overly sensitive world, but also because it's just not funny.

Eighth is employer slandering.

Most often committed by employees who've mentally resigned but still physically come to work, this is an unremitting verbal attack on the company that pays their wage.

Maybe they can't find a new job or perhaps they're just too lazy to look, but while they're still here and still breathing, they'll badmouth the organisation to anyone who'll listen. And anyone who won't.

In ninth place is being a busybody.

People who think your business is their business and are never afraid to ask personal questions. They have to know everything and must know it immediately.

Tenth on the list is Internet addiction.

The temptation to go online and check up on things ever so often is very overwhelming, and workaholic colleagues who believe that "we come to work, to work" experience blood pressure rises every time they glance over and see a peer browsing the net.

Source: ANI

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