Here are Five Food Items Vegetarians Cannot Like

by Kathy Jones on Dec 7 2013 3:03 PM

 Here are Five Food Items Vegetarians Cannot Like
Not surprisingly, vegetarians can come to hate some dishes that no longer excite them. shares a list of worst vegetarian foods:

* Any kind of fake meat: Most of the time these products don't taste anything close to the real ones.

* Rice and beans: When you first become a vegetarian, the combination of rice and beans is just delicious. After about a year, the taste of the two together becomes increasingly bland.

* Spring rolls: There's really not much to them. The rolls are just about vegetables wrapped up and fried.

* Bean-centered dishes: Beans are the center of various vegetarian meals like lentil soup, black bean soup and countless stews. The only problem? Beans get boring after sometime.

* Quinoa: The pseudo cereal is a great source of protein and it is extremely versatile. The only problem is that every non-vegetarian seems to think this trendy food is all vegetarians eat and now it's become a stereotypical vegetarian food.