by Jayashree on  September 8, 2007 at 5:07 PM Celebrity Health News
Helena Christensen Prefers the Way She Looks  Now
In what would come as comforting news to women in their forties, supermodel Helena Christensen says that she prefers the way she looks today, than the way she looked when she was 18.

Christensen confessed that though she found herself perfect during her Miss Denmark days, she still considers herself more attractive at her present age.

"As you get older, there is an experience and depth behind the eyes and I prefer that. I look at pictures of myself when I was younger and I have perfect hair, make-up and clothing - and I prefer myself now." the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

But there just might be a possibility that her current opinion might change, to which she added, "Maybe in 10 years I'll look at those photos, young and wide-eyed, and cry."

"I'll put Wicked Game [the famously erotic 1989 Chris Isaak music video in which a scantily-clad Helena cavorted with the singer on a beach] on repeat and sit sobbing with the curtains drawn," Helena said.

Source: ANI

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