Helen Mirren Brands Young Men as ‘absolute Creeps’

Helen Mirren Brands Young Men as ‘absolute Creeps’
Dame Helen Mirren has ruled out the possibility of being tempted by a young man.
The 62-year-old actress recently revealed that she would never ever romance toy boys – because they give her “the creeps.”

“I basically loathe all young men, actually. They start getting better when they’re 25,” the Daily Express quoted her, as telling Harper’s Bazaar.

The Queen star also admitted that her experience with younger men was “horrible,” as all they wanted was meaningless sex.

“They were creeps, absolute creeps. They just wanted to get in your knickers and didn’t care about your feelings at all and I wasn’t ready for that. I arrived in London very green,” she said.

“There were a lot of them. Just creepy boys treating you like a lump of meat and not bothering to talk to you. But young men are horrible,” she said.


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