by Julia Samuel on  January 3, 2015 at 11:12 AM Organ Donation News
Indian Lad Donates Heart, Liver and Eyes to Three Patients
The organs of a 26-year-old youngster were donated to three patients located in other hospitals on Friday morning.

The lad had suffered severe head injuries when his bike skidded at Koduvai,India on December 26. He was rushed to Tirupur Government Hospital and then shifted to G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial (GKNM) Hospital the next day.

He was declared brain dead on Thursday morning. "The cadaver registry programme was also informed the same night, as his parents consented to donate his organs," said a spokesperson for GKNM Hospital. "The allotments were done the same night," said another official.

The police took control over the entire traffic for 15 minutes to help the ambulance carrying the organs to the destined place on time.

The heart was allotted to a patient on Thursday night and was transported to Coimbatore International Airport, 8.2km away, in seven minutes. The donor's heart was airlifted to Fortis Malar Hospital in Chennai and transplanted into a 37-year-old man.

"The patient is not of Indian origin and was admitted to Fortis Malar on December 4th with dilated cardiomyopathy where the heart swells up abnormally and becomes too weak to pump blood. It is fatal unless the patient undergoes a heart transplant," said hospital sources. "The transplant was completed by evening and it was a success," said a doctor at Fortis Malar.

The ambulance carrying the liver to PSG Hospitals, 4.2 km away, reached there in three minutes. The liver was transplanted into a 45-year-old man and the eyes to Sankara Hospital.

Source: Medindia

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