by Julia Samuel on  January 6, 2017 at 4:06 PM Health Watch
  • Low Glycemic index (GI) sugar has been formulated with natural ingredients.
  • Unlike artificial sweeteners, the natural low-GI sugar could be melted, baked and caramelized for use in all cooking applications.

World’s First Low Glycemic Index Sugar Using Natural Ingredients
Sugar craving is a widely seen symptom of diabetes. But sugar is first in the list of foods to be avoided for a diabetic. This might soon change as, a Perth-based biotech company has joined forces to develop the world's first low-GI sugar using natural ingredients.

Australian-listed Holista Colltech announced that it had collaborated with Daryl Thompson, a Nobel Prize nominee this year, to file a patent for low glycemic index sugar, with plans to launch the product before June, 2017.

"The low-GI sugar mimics how nature adds sugars found in fruits and vegetables," Holista chief executive Rajen Manicka said.

"Sugar in nature is low-GI and our formula is based on this insight. It satisfies all the sensory requirements of sugar. It also can replace sugar in its many industrial applications with minimal formulation challenges."

Artificial sweeteners are an alternative for diabetics but they can only be used in beverages. The company said that unlike other alternatives, such as artificial sweeteners, its natural low-GI sugar could be melted, baked and caramelized for use in all cooking applications.

Holista said that when its low-GI sugar was consumed it reduced the rate that glucose was digested throughout the body.

Mr Thompson said it was becoming more important to create "smarter foods". "The low-GI sugar formulation incorporates key strategies that have been developed by nature to deliver a more biologically sound and health conscience sweetener," he said.

The low-GI formula is being refined before testing at the GI Labs in Toronto for final validation. The company said that given the product was made from natural ingredients it was unlikely to face regulatory hurdles.

The company said the low-GI sugar was the latest addition to its suite of low-GI products. It partnered with a Swiss supplier of speciality bakery ingredients last year to produce white bread using Holista's low-GI formula. Holista also said its formula had been used successfully to produce low-GI muffins.

Source: Medindia

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