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  • Sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and for your overall good health.
  • Every year the World Sleep Day is celebrated to promote the importance of sleep.
  • With a view to promoting healthy sleep, Fitbit has released statistics from 18 countries, with India ranking among the lowest in sleep hours.

World Sleep Day is held annually to celebrate, and generate interest regarding, the significance of sleep. This year, it is scheduled to be organized on Friday, March 17, with the slogan, ",Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life". The day is hosted by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society, which was founded in collaboration by the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) and the World Sleep Federation (WSF).

Do you feel like getting out of the cozy comfort of your bed on a cold winter morning? Does that shrill alarm going off in an ungainly hour to get you to work on time seem like the end of the world? Well, it seems that Indians have indeed been overdoing it, being some of the most sleep deprived people in the world.
World Sleep Day 2017

Sleep heals the mind and the body, enhances the general quality of life, and is essential for physical and emotional well-being of humans.

Below are some of the reasons why you should definitely get that good night's sleep:
  • Sleep improves brain health by enhancing learning, concentration, coping mechanisms and creativity. A sleep deprived brain is a troubled brain!
  • Sleep heals the heart and blood vessels. It maintains hormonal balance in the body. Lack of sleep is not recommended if you have a condition of the heart or kidneys, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, among other diseases. In growing children, sleep aids in development.
  • Beauty sleep isn't a myth! Enough quality sleep is found to directly affect the way you look, by controlling signs of aging and fatigue.
  • Sleep deficiency affects performance. Feeling groggy at work or in school won't get you through with your boss or teacher!
  • According to the Institute of Medicine, (US) Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research, sleep aids in longevity and improves overall mental health.
World Sleep Day 2017 marks the tenth year of the observance of this day, bringing together sleep health professionals and patients from over 72 countries on a common global platform to discuss the importance of sleep in day to day life. World Sleep Day actively concentrates on the prevention and management of sleeping problems and disorders.

Over the years, World Sleep Day delegates have been working locally to spread awareness of sleep issues. They have hosted events, distributed booklets and pamphlets on sleep, hosted press conferences and acquired media coverage around the world. The international meet on World Sleep Day allows these delegates and other interested parties to assemble from across the globe, promote sleep health, and exchange ideas.

India especially has been revealed to be among the most sleep deprived nations in the world. Fitbit, the American company known for manufacturing innovative wearable products meant to promote health, released some statistics, ahead of the World Sleep Day. According to these records, Indians pack in only an average of 6.5 hours of sleep a day.

The statistics are derived from aggregated and anonymous Fitbit data collected from January to December 2016. It would appear that Asians sleep less than their American and European counterparts. Of the 18 countries covered in the statistics, New Zealand, Australia and the UK rank top in terms of sleep per night.

Following are the top five from the sleep statistics released by Fitbit:
  • New Zealand - 7.25 hours
  • United Kingdom -7.16 hours
  • Australia -7.15 hours
  • France -7.08 hours
  • Germany -7.07 hours
Singapore, India and Japan bring up the rear with 6.56, 6.55 and 6.35 hours respectively.

According to these statistics, Indians are in desperate need of sleep! The incessant deadlines, and school and office routines might just have gone overboard. There is also a need for awareness regarding the necessity of sound sleep for healthy living.

Here are some tips to keep you sleep-healthy:
  • Regulate your sleep. Develop regular sleeping and waking routines.
  • For sound sleep, try developing a soothing bedtime ritual that relaxes your brain before falling asleep.
  • Give up that afternoon nap. Yes, that does sound cruel, especially if you've just had a filling lunch, and your body is craving sleep! But to get a good night's sleep, you might have to forsake that quick afternoon shut eye.
  • Exercise regularly. Physical exercise will keep you healthy, and help you sleep better.
  • Create a nice sleep environment. Those inviting pillows and that comfortable mattress should make you want to jump into bed, and sleep away.
  • Avoid caffeine and heavy, spicy meals at night. Try light snacking about 45 minutes before you turn in.
Keep these in mind, and next time when your kid dozes off to sleep instead of studying, try tucking him in gently, rather than scolding the poor thing. Remember, he needs those few winks of sleep, as do you.

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