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  • World Osteoporosis Day is observed on 20th October every year
  • The main objective of the campaign is to create public awareness on osteoporosis that affects most people after 50 years and to find ways to improve bone health
  • For this year 2018, the theme is ‘Love Your Bones’

World Osteoporosis Day is observed on 20th October every year by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF). The main aim of the awareness day is to raise awareness of the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.
World Osteoporosis Day

Every year, the theme for World Osteoporosis Day is mainly designed to focus on ways to fight osteoporosis and support millions of people living across the world to improve their bone health. This year, the theme for World Osteoporosis Day 2018 is 'Love Your Bones.'

Aim of the Campaign

  • To support and promote awareness of osteoporosis worldwide
  • To highlight the future consequences of osteoporosis when diagnosis and treatment are neglected
  • To educate physicians, pharmacists, health professionals and the public about the prevalence, risk factors, and causes of osteoporosis and related bones diseases
  • To improve understanding of the link between osteoporosis and fractures, which can be a significant cause of disability and premature death in older people
  • To motivate people to follow a bone-strengthening diet and participate in some regular physical activity

Need for Celebrating World Osteoporosis Day

Osteoporosis day mainly conveys the message that the first step in osteoporosis prevention begins in youth, as nutrition during adolescence can help maximize your bone-building potential, which continues throughout life as we strive to maintain strong bones at an older age.

Osteoporosis day also alarms bells that your unhealthy eating habits with low amount of calcium intake and modifiable risk factors such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol use can put people at risk of developing osteoporosis.

To overcome the burden of osteoporosis and other bone-related disorders, the campaign mainly encourages millions of people living around the world to involve eating a balanced diet with plenty of calcium-rich foods, getting enough vitamin D from sunlight and as well as from dietary sources, actively participating in daily weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercise.

Spotlight on the Immense Burden Caused by Osteoporosis

  • Osteoporosis is a widespread problem affecting people living around the world
  • One in three women and one in five men aged 50 years and above develop osteoporosis
  • Almost 75 percent of hip, spine and distal forearm fractures occur among patients 65 years old or over
  • Osteoporosis causes over 8.9 million fractures annually
  • Osteoporosis constitutes a significant burden on individuals in the future, if not detected and treated early
  • Smoking can lead to lower bone density and a higher risk of fracture,
  • A person with risk factors should quickly seek examination and treatment if needed, in order to improve the quality of life in the future and protect themselves from disability.

How to Fight Osteoporosis?

Building strong bones begins early in life, and healthy nutrition is a key ingredient in helping to attain peak bone mass and maintaining it throughout life. Calcium, vitamin D and protein are important nutrients that can help to optimize bone health, with recommended daily allowances (RDA) varying for every stage of life.

Adequate consumption of the right nutrients contributes to bone health at all ages and is the first step in osteoporosis prevention.

For people who are already suffering from osteoporosis, a bone-healthy diet rich in milk, dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, small fish eaten with bones, sardines and dark green leafy vegetables should form a part of their treatment and rehabilitation programme. Managing osteoporosis risk factors and following the right treatment regimens can help people be more active, independent and live a fracture-free life for longer.

Engaging in weight-bearing, muscle-strengthening, and balance-training exercises can also improve your bone mass and strength.

In order to reduce osteoporosis risk, let us all join together and take extra effort to protect and love our bones by eating a healthy diet, actively participating in daily exercises and following proper lifestyle modifications.

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