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World Oral Health Day 2017- “Live Mouth Smart” : An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Praveen Vaid

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  • The World Oral Health Day will be celebrated on March 20th
  • The day is celebrated to increase awareness about oral health and hygiene
  • Medindia conducted an exclusive interview with renowned dentist, Dr. Praveen Vaid, about the importance of maintaining good oral health, latest advancements in oral health technology, and flashing a beautiful smile.

On March 20, dentists from across the world will be celebrating World Oral Health Day, aimed at creating awareness about oral disease and the significance of oral hygiene.

Dentists play a key role in preventing oral diseases as they are primary health care providers. It is therefore necessary to examine mouth, head and neck at every dental appointment, which will aid in treating diseases early.


World Oral Health Day 2017- “Live Mouth Smart” : An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Praveen Vaid
World Oral Health Day 2017- “Live Mouth Smart” : An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Praveen Vaid

The World Oral Health Day was launched in the year 2013 and it is organized to increase awareness about maintaining oral hygiene, and its significance in ensuring better general health. This awareness day was started by the Federal Dental Association (FDA) and is now followed by over 140 countries.

"Live Mouth Smart"
The theme is a call to action about maintaining good oral health. The theme for last year's World Oral health day 2016 was "It all starts here. Healthy mouth. Healthy body"

There are many health benefits associated with good oral health. When oral health is maintained, it can truly transform the visual appearance of a smile.

Some tips to improving your oral health are :
  • Chew on sugar-free gum after eating sugary foods to help protect teeth and gums.
  • Include a diet rich in minerals, vitamins as well as fruits and vegetables that will help lower risk of gum disease.
  • Take a cube of cheese at the end of a meal as it can lower the effects of acids from food that can damage teeth.
  • Avoid snacking on high sugar foods
As a part of World Oral Health Day, Medindia offers excerpts of an exclusive interview with Dr. Praveen Vaid, Director of Rajan Dental Institute and Chief Executive Officer of Chennai Dental Research Foundation. Dr. Praveen has undergone extensive training in Oral Implantology in India and abroad, and has pioneered implant technology at Rajan Dental Institute Chennai, having completed more than 500 implants as a part of a team. The technologies used include "All on Four", Nobelguide and the latest zygomatic implants.

Some of his achievements and responsibilities include:
  • Honorary consultant and medical advisor for the GS Charitable Trust Dental Hospital, Sowcarpet, Chennai. Established in 1991.Average 60-70 patients per day in the morning session alone.Second branch inaugurated on February 10th at Surana Dental Foundation, Egmore. Chennai.
  • Dr.Govinda Menon Gold medal---- Anatomy, Madras Medical College
  • Best outgoing pre-final student---- Indian Dental Association
  • Best outgoing BDS graduate from the Madras University 1982
  • Colgate Gold medal for the highest marks in Conservative dentistry
  • Indian Society Periodontology award for the highest marks in periodontia- final year
  • Oral surgery gold medal-special medal exam award
  • Associate Editor of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry for 2 years
  • Served as Secretary, Treasurer and President of the Indian Dental Association, Chennai branch. Active member and EC member for 14 years.
  • Assistant editor of the Journal of oral surgery for 2 years
  • Editor and publisher of a monthly news magazine "CHENNIDENT"
Medindia : Can you tell us a little about yourself doctor and your association with dental health?

Dr. Praveen: I'm a dentist, practicing in Chennai for the past 30 years. Having started off with a small single chair clinic and now progressed to a multi-specialty center. Today the focus is on prevention of disease and then the cure of disease, which has invariably happened.

Medindia: What are the biggest misconceptions about oral health?

Dr. Praveen: In India, both in the urban and in the rural center people do not give importance to oral health. Dental caries and periodontal disease are taken very lightly and patients report to the dentist only after all other home remedies fail. The importance given to eyes, ears and other parts of the body is not there for teeth and its surrounding structures.

Medindia: What are the changes in oral health care over the past 10 years ?

Dr. Praveen: Technology and sophisticated restorative materials have come into the market in a very big way. Dental treatment today is no longer feared, it is painless and patient friendly.

The focus today is on aesthetics; function and chewing ability have taken a back seat. Patient's attitude has also changed and they insist on instant solutions and do not focus on long-term success options.

Medindia: What are the latest advancements in oral health treatment?

Dr. Praveen: The effect of bad teeth and sore gums on the heart, lungs, eyes and other important organs have been very well documented in literature. Patient awareness, focused responsibility and affordability has taken a great leap in the past few years and this has helped in acceptance of treatment and seeking professional help early.

LASERS, teeth whitening and bleaching, intra oral scanners, dental CT, implants for tooth replacement and full fixed teeth for patients with all teeth missing are some of the latest advancements in the dental field.
Extraction and immediate implant placement with a tooth is the order of the day. There is no more waiting period!

Medindia: How do celebrities have a flashy smile?

Dr. Praveen: Smile design and aesthetic workup is a common sought after treatment modality among today's youngsters. Pre-marriage dental work up is a part of the "ritual" today and so it is with celebrities.

Medindia: What are the dietary requirements for good oral health?

Dr. Praveen: Fiber-rich, non-cariogenic foods along with good oral hygiene maintenance protocol improves the oral health and helps to avoid both hard and soft tissue disease process.

Medindia: What are the oral health practices that you recommend?

Dr. Praveen: Regular brushing twice a day along with gum massage using a standard tooth paste and brush will go a long way in maintenance of good oral health

Medindia: The theme for this year's World Oral Health Day is "Live Mouth Smart". Your comments doctor.

Dr. Praveen: It's a good theme as the mouth is the gateway to the body and other systemic issues. It is in line with the age old saying that a smile improves your face value and a tooth increases your smile value.

Irrespective of age, gender, economic status, social standards and profession, everyone needs to understand the importance of good oral health.

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Source: Medindia

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