World Obesity Day - Time to Take Action

World Obesity Day - Time to Take Action

by Dr. Lakshmi Venkataraman on Oct 10 2019 4:15 PM
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  • World Obesity Day observed globally since 2015 on the 11th October to educate and raise awareness among the general public about the dangers of obesity and ways to control the growing epidemic
  • Obesity is one of the main risk factors of several chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver disease
  • Approximately 2.8 million persons die each year due to obesity-related illnesses and now obesity has been recognized as a chronic potentially life-threatening disease that should be addressed by health personnel and policymakers at the highest level
World Obesity Day observed on 11th October is an initiative of the World Obesity Federation to push efforts aimed at raising awareness about as well as prevention and treating obesity. By 2018, the campaign had reached over 10 million people across the world and continues to stride forward.


Broad Objectives of World Obesity Day

  • Raise awareness and educate the public about the dangers of obesity
  • Support the campaigns of organizations advocating obesity-related problems
  • Urge governments and policymakers to become involved in the global war against obesity
  • To motivate people to follow a balanced diet reduce sedentary lifestyle habits and participate in some regular physical activity to stay fit and healthy
  • Encouraging individuals to share their experiences and stories on successfully overcoming obesity


How We Can Raise Awareness About Dangers of Obesity

  • Download campaign material and posters and messages from the official website and share widely on social media such as Facebook and Twitter about the harms of obesity and ways to prevent or reduce its incidence
  • Hospitals and clinics must display prominent messages about obesity, ways to lose weight and offer free counseling to the public about measures to tackle obesity
  • Print and visual media, as well as radio stations, must carry educational programs and discussions related to obesity and other obesity-related health problems
  • Form support groups in your community to provide a platform for persons with weight issues to discuss their struggles and learn from the experiences of others
  • Governments and local administration must regulate the sale of foods rich in trans fats, and thereby reducing obesity risk, especially among adolescents and kids
  • Parents and teachers should educate kids on making the right food choices, avoiding highly-processed junk foods and engaging in daily sports and exercise
  • Help a friend or family member suffering from obesity or overweight to lose weight without being judgmental
  • Making obesity a stigma defeats the purpose of the campaign since it discourages persons from seeking treatment for the condition


Obesity Facts & Figures

Dangers of Obesity

Excess body weight can lead to a wide range of health problems and complications such as In conclusion, obesity has now become more common and considered a potentially life-threatening condition. However, it is preventable through healthy living and needs to be addressed urgently to improve the health of the population through education and awareness campaigns. On this World Obesity Day, let us all unite in the war against obesity to live a longer and healthier life.

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