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World Cancer Day 2016 ‘We Can, I Can’
February 4th is celebrated as World Cancer Day 2016 to raise awareness about the risks involved in cancer.

Cancer Statistics in India

Cancer incidences are set to rise during the next few years.
  • From 979.786 cases in 2010 it will go up to 1,148,757 cases in 2020
  • Tobacco-related cancer in males will go up to 225,241 in 2020
  • Gynaecological-related cancers will rise to 182,602 in 2020
The rise in the number of cancer cases over the last century and the subsequent expected rise require active participation in controlling incidences. The number of deaths due to cancer has been increasing due to existing misconceptions and lack of awareness that still exists among many.

The theme for World Cancer Day 2016 is 'We Can, I Can" and this theme that will extend for another couple of years.

As part of the "We Can" measure, collective action is encouraged by society at large to partake in activities which could actively support the cause of cancer.
  • Actively support causes that could prevent premature death or better screening facilities.
  • Raise awareness in schools and other educational institutions about cancer
  • Improve social environment, making it hygienic and disease free
  • Work with fellow minds to strengthen resolve against cancer
  • Bring about change in legislation to promote cancer care
As part of the 'I Can" measure, individual people can work towards cancer support and care
  • Take care - everyone should learn to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most people fail to look after their health, while being extra cautious about the health of family.
  • Go for regular check-ups
  • Try to lead a normal life- There is no point brooding. Even if a close family member is affected, it is important to remain positive.
  • Speak out about challenges faced and ways they can be avoided. This would benefit many people.
  • Get back to work- Work will take the focus off from the disease and encourage normalcy
Some of the special gestures by celebrities and teams for this world cancer day:
  • The South African cricket team will be sporting pink pants and shirt for the one day International game against England on February 12th 2016. They hope to raise one million Rand through donations that will be used for mammography and other diagnostic testing.
  • Celebrities from around the world, Nicole Scherzinger and Craig David, amongst others, will wear unity bands to support the cause
  • Milind Soman, Model turned actor, organizes marathons across India called pinkathon to raise awareness about breast cancer.
  • The South Shield's town hall will turn purple on Thursday for World Cancer Day 2016.
  • A special event at Abu Dhabi will mark World Cancer Day 2016 for UAE's cancer patient care group.
The increased awareness and education is expected to lower deaths due to cancer and encourage early detection. Many people in developing countries are unaware about the options available and the course of treatment, reaching these people would benefit cancer support and care.

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