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Valentine’s Day: Romantic 10 Tips for Maintaining a Long-lasting Relationship

Valentine’s Day: Romantic 10 Tips for Maintaining a Long-lasting Relationship

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  • Valentine's day (February 14th), the loveliest day of the year, may bring lots of love, joy and cheer to many hearts living across the world
  • Surprising loved ones with romantic heart-shaped gifts, red roses, strawberry chocolates, and teddy bear has become an old fashioned way
  • Instead of spending money on romantic gifts, spend your valuable time with your loved one this Valentine’s day as well as every single moment to make your relationship last longer

Valentine's day (February 14th) is around the corner, are you ready to surprise your partner with romantic Valentine's day gifts? Relax, instead of celebrating that single day, get willing to share love, joy, care, peace, and presence with your loved one every single day to keep your relationship healthy and long-lasting.

No need to empty your wallet on Valentine's Day. Virginia Tech's expert Mariana Falconier says that couples are often pressured with temptations to spend money, but offers tips to bring a little levity to relationships, help strengthen connections, and save money in the process.


1. Tell jokes. When was the last time you had a belly laugh with your partner? Surprise your partner. Pretend like you're going to tell a story about your day and then it has a punchline that they aren't expecting.

2. Gaze into each other's eyes. This is a very intimate act. We get so busy solving daily problems with work, family, etc., that we often forget to connect at a deeper level.

3. Tell your partner something you are grateful for. Once a day, let your partner know what you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be about your relationship, but in general. What is it that you appreciate about your daily life? Let your partner know you are satisfied and happy with the life you are living.

4. Play a board or card game. When you play a game with your partner, you get to know how your partner thinks a little bit better. There's so many fun varieties out there! Do a quick Google search or pull out that old deck of cards in your cabinet.

5. Hold hands. Particularly if you've been together for a while, sometimes couples don't hold hands with as much frequency as they used to. Be intentional about this.

6. Share grace. Does your partner bite the spoon when eating cereal? Leave a mess on the bathroom mirror after brushing teeth? Rarely put away clean clothes? Take a deep breath, noticing the inhale, appreciating the exhale, and give thanks for the life you share, including the quirks that drive you nuts.

7. Take a walk together. Being outside is a wonderful way to connect; bundle up and go find some stars; or enjoy the sun and gaze at a tree or birds. No matter where you are, you can find the sky to look up at.

8. Look at old pictures. When was the last time you looked at old pictures together? Take a few moments and sit together, taking a stroll down memory lane.

9. Remind the other what attracted you to them. And while you are there, pause and think about some of the things that helped create the spark for you and your partner. What were some of the reasons your head was turned? What made you think about them while you were apart?

10. Set a goal together for the future. We are more likely to reach our goals when we make them concrete, say them out loud to ourselves and others, and have others to help keep us on track towards our progress. Having saved money following these tips, think about ways that you can use your savings for common future, financial goals as a couple!

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