Simple To Do Weight Loss Tip: Have a Snack Between 4 - 6 Pm

Simple To Do Weight Loss Tip: Have a Snack Between 4 - 6 Pm

by Julia Samuel on Feb 21 2018 3:14 PM
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  • A quick healthy snack between 4 - 6pm can make you feel full during dinner.
  • Having a light dinner can be helpful in weight loss.
  • A meal in the evening keeps cortisol levels low and promotes good sleep. Low cortisol levels at bed time cuts down over eating, mid night snacking and the risk of weight gain.
We often hear that, a light dinner can help lose weight. But how we do it when that’s the time we get back from home after work or college and relax?
When we try and have a meal in the evening, say, between 4 - 6 pm, it makes us feel full during dinner time and we can easily have a lighter meal for dinner.

Eat a wholesome meal between 4 and 6 pm

Why? Cortisol hormone follows a natural cycle. It rises in the morning, allowing you to start fresh, clear bowels, and drops in the evening, to allow a restful sleep in the night.

Having a meal when the cortisol levels decrease in the evening can help in keeping it under control during bed time. This can help reduce the chances of overeating at dinner; poor sleep; slow digestion; PCOD/thyroid issues; Insulin insensitivity.

Benefits of Healthy snacking

  • Lesser calories get converted and stored as fat
  • A constant supply of glucose keeps the body energized
  • Prevents lethargy and enables one to work with the same vigor throughout the day
  • Choosing healthy beverages can be a great replacement for tea and coffee which lack nutrition and just give a temporary mental boost
  • Healthy snacking thus prevents fat storage, maintains blood sugar levels, and keeps one fit and alert throughout the day.

    List of Healthy Snacks

    Good snacks are high in protein and fiber and low in fat. High-protein healthy snacks help keep the excess weight off and keep the energy levels high during office working hours. 


    Nuts must be on top of the list of healthy office snacks. All sorts of nuts make for amazing portable snacks. Pack roasted or plain almonds in an airtight small box and munch on them to counter post lunch hunger pangs.

    Roasted Legumes

    Legumes are high in protein and fiber and can be made into delicious healthy snacks in a jiffy. . Peanuts, chick peas, and soy are some legumes that can be eaten with ease as work snacks.


    Fruits are portable snack items that can be eaten at any time of your workday. Choose from fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, oranges, grapes, berries, and guavas. 

    Whole Grain Crackers, Breads

    Whole grains make for heart healthy snacks. Whole wheat crackers can be packed into a small box with a bowl of peanut butter. Whole grain sandwiches are easy snacks to make at home and to carry with you to work. Use ingredients such as nut butter, vegetables, and jams to make your delicious sandwiches.


    Crunchy vegetables like carrots and cucumber can be eaten at your work desk as healthy snacks.  If the idea of eating raw vegetables doesn't excite you much then take along a pot of low-fat yogurt or cheese dip or hummus.