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  • Mixing raw egg and hot black coffee before a workout can help aid weight loss.
  • The evidence supports the fact that the egg coffee drink works when consumed before an exercise regimen.
  • Caffeine combined with the protein, fat in the egg is easily digested and boosts energy levels required for the regimen.

Adding a raw egg to your morning coffee can boost weight loss. A team of researchers found that caffeine is often used as a pre-workout boost but adding a raw egg to a cup of tea or coffee can help out even more.

For centuries, mixing raw egg and hot black coffee has been common among the Hungarian, Scandinavian, Vietnamese and even Minnesotan cultures. 
Secret Weight Loss Drink: Egg Blended With Black Coffee

Raw Eggs, is it safe?

Raw eggs can be contaminated by the bacteria salmonella and can cause food poisoning but this might not be an issue in the case of egg-coffee.

Raw eggs are safe in coffee, as the heat of the liquid may bring the temperature of the egg up enough to kill the bacteria - making it safer to consume. As eggs need cooking at 160 degrees and the water in coffee preparation is roughly 200 degrees.

Using pasteurized eggs - which means they are heated to help destroy bacteria - can make egg coffee safer.

Marc Bubbs, director of nutrition for the Canadian Men's National Basketball Team, said, "The combo started to gain popularity as a pre-workout drink". I've used egg coffee a few times before, doing some fasted cardio in the morning."

Why Should You Eat Before A Workout?

Eating before you hit the gym or start your exercise routine helps to:
  • Exercise longer and at a higher intensity
  • Delay fatigue
  •  Promote recovery
  • Help the body adapt to the stress while working out
  • Improve body composition and strength
  • Enhance concentration
  • Help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Reduce the risk of cramps and stomach aches
Foods For a Pre-workout

The food or drink you have before a workout is linked to the level of performance. A pre-work meal should be :
  • Rich in carbohydrate to increase muscle capability but should also be easy to digest. For example, Oats with fruits and nuts, brown rice with chicken, toast with peanut butter and banana.
  •  Liquid meal may be preferred over a whole meal. When the workout is during the morning, many prefer to have a drink than a bite. For example, include a smoothie instead of a meal.
  •  Handful of raisins and nuts, cheese sandwich, bread with egg. Small amounts of protein to be included as it helps build and repair muscle tissue. Adequate protein before exercising could help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.
  • Low in fat and fiber.

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