by Dr. Reeja Tharu on  February 15, 2013 at 12:15 PM Health Watch
One Step at a Time Helps Weight Loss
Taking the stairs one step at a time burns more calories than leaping up multiple steps, researchers say.

Although, initially more energy is expended while climbing two steps, gradually with time, extra energy is spent while taking the stairs one step at a time, say researchers from the University of Roehampton.

Empowering Better Health

The research team discovered that a person climbing five floors of stairs, one step at a time, five times a week could burn 302 kcal approximately, compared to the 260 kcal burnt if that person took two steps at a time.

A Senior lecturer in comparative and environmental physiology at the University, Dr.Lewis Halsey says that her team was actually interested to find out which method expended more energy- taking one step at a time or two steps - and which had a better potential to lose weight when done frequently andregularly during the week.

The researchers conclude that it is better to take one step at a time while climbing stairs if one wanted to lose weight as it resulted in faster rates of muscle shortening and increased energy turnover.

People have always been advised to climb stairs and stop taking the elevator for health reasons or if they wanted to lose weight. Many chose the elevator out of the sheer force of habit. With the number of fitness freaks increasing - the number of those using the stairs has also increased. Among them, over enthusiasts tend to believe that taking two or three steps at a time would serve their purpose. This study has reminded them to go slow with their stair- climbing endeavors.

A reminder for those with knee or heart-related problems - please consult your doctor before choosing to climb stairs regularly!

Source: Medindia

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