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Obesity is the New Normal Among Middle-Aged Adults in England

Obesity is the New Normal Among Middle-Aged Adults in England

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  • 83% of the 40-60 year old Britons are either overweight or obese, drinking too much or physically inactive.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and busy desk jobs are making it increasingly difficult to stay health.

Middle-aged people in the UK face serious health crisis because of the unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.

Most are over-weight, engage in drinking too much or do not exercise enough.


Modern busy lifestyle and desk jobs make it increasingly difficult to stay healthy and harm the health of the nation.

Survey by the Public Health England (PHE), shows that the 83% of 40 to 60-year-olds or four-fifth of the middle-aged adults are overweight or obese and putting themselves at the risk of diseases.

Nine in 10 men, 87%, and 8 in 10 women, 79%, are overweight, not engaging in exercise and engage in excess alcohol consumption.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems for this group. Figures show that 77% of men and 63% of women in middle age are overweight or obese. Obesity in adults has risen by 16% in the past 20 years.

Diabetes rate is also on a rise among this group. Obese adults are more than five times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. 90% of the diabetics are obese.

Type 2 diabetes can lead to serious complications such as amputation, blindness, heart attack, stroke and kidney disease. Close to one million people in the UK are suffering from type 2 diabetes and estimated 11.9 million are at an increased risk of developing the condition.

Dan Howarth, the head of care at Diabetes UK, said "We know that people often bury their heads in the sand when it comes to their general health, but the consequences of doing nothing can be catastrophic."

One You- How Are You

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a quiz, One You- How Are You, which helps to assess the problems and areas for improvement and offers advise on how to eat health, be more active, stop smoking and alcohol consumption.

After receiving information on an individual's lifestyle, the website provides a health score and links the person to free and personalized information apps and tools.

More than 1.1 million people have participated in the quiz. People who take the quiz and are categorized as being at risk are directed to apps like Couch to 5K, Alcohol Checker and Easy Meals.

Prof Sir Muir Gray, a clinical adviser to One You, said "The demands of modern day living are taking their toll on the health of the nation and it's those in middle age that are suffering the consequences most, as their [ill-]health reaches worrying new levels. More than 15 million Britons are living with a long-term health condition, and busy lives and desk jobs make it difficult to live healthily. But just making a few small changes will have significant benefits to people's health now and in later life."

Prof Kevin Fenton, the director of health and well-being at PHE, said "People are busy with work, with families and with the daily grind, and sometimes their own health is the least of their priorities. The How Are You quiz will help anyone who wants to take a few minutes to take stock and find out quickly where they can take a little action to make a big difference to their health."

People are being urged to take simple and preventive measures to improve their health.

Source: Medindia

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