by Sheela Philomena on  March 25, 2011 at 4:45 PM Health Watch
 More to the Hormones Than Meets the Eye
Women are attractive and more so during the peak fertile stage of the month. During this period, she looks appealing to men and is often rated attractive by them.

In a study conducted by Florida State University, the response of men to ovulating women was analyzed. During the study, guys were asked to play Lego puzzles with their female counter mates. Lego puzzles in this study were used as a trick. The female counter mates were in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle. After the game, guys were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of their counter parts. Single guys found fertile women attractive than guys who were already in a relationship. Committed guys rated them as less attractive.

Researchers pointed out the importance of evolutionary significance behind long lasting relationships. Natural selection favors' mating in couples and they stay together to raise their children. Committed guys know that they are at a risk of getting lost when they see an attractive woman. So they trick themselves into believing that she's actually not sexy or hot. Men realize that 'mate-guarding' aids in a long lasting relationship.

How do guys know that women are ovulating? Do women release a scent or is it the pheromones? Research shows that women show a change in behavior during the ovulation time. Women become more receptive to the opposite sex, smile more and also dress provocatively. During this peak time, men rate the female body odor or scent as more attractive and respond with increased levels of testosterone.

In the analysis it was found that both men and women are affected by ovulation. Researchers have expressed the need for further research because the key factor behind the driving force still remains a mystery.

Reference: The New York Times Reprints

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