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Miracle Cure - Oil Pulling
Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic treatment which has been brought to light by Dr.F Karach in 1992.

The oil pulling therapy is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and being very economical at the same time.

It is mentioned in Ayurveda that Sesame oil or Sunflower oil is to be used. Dr. Karach a proponent of oil pulling has studied this therapy and he advocates some cures can happen in just 2 days while others may take up to a year. Ideally it should be followed for 40 - 50 days at a minimum. The obvious change after oil pulling is apparent in whiter teeth and healthier gums in 2-3 days.

Oil Pulling Benefits are many:

• Loosens stiff joints
• Cures Allergies
• Cures Asthma
• Controls High Blood Pressure
• Clears Constipation
• Cures Migraines
• Heart, kidneys and lungs are also benefitted
• Cures Insomnia
• Treats Cancer


• Oil pulling has to be done first thing in the morning - before bed tea or water or anything.

• Measure a tablespoon of Sesame oil or Sunflower oil and take it in the mouth. Gently swish it around the teeth, in between the teeth, for twenty minutes. When you do this too vigorously no harm, but the jaw muscles start protesting.

• Don't tilt the neck backwards as you may gag or tend to swallow. If you need to gag or spit out - do it and start again. It gets better.

• After 20 minutes, spit out the diluted oil based spittle - it would have changed to a milky white or creamy white - depending on the oil used.

• Brush teeth thoroughly and clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner or a spoon. This spittle is full of bacteria and toxins.

• Clean the wash basin with some anti - bacterial detergent.

• Wash the toothbrush well and use it only in the mornings for the oil pulling therapy.

Dr. Karach is said to have examined a drop of spittle after oil pulling, under the microscope and found 500 species of bacteria. He found it had a stimulating effect on the body's eliminating system.

Bruce Fife has written a book "Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the body through Oral Cleansing", he finds that streptococcus and Candida are common residents in our mouth. Due to stress, a poor diet and toxins in the environment - these toxins spread out throughout the body and cause secondary infections. He feels this method should not be undervalued only because there are no scientific tests to uphold its importance.

Oil pulling is spreading all over the globe as many users have found immediate relief from teeth and gum infections and allergies. Some have found that the mucus starts to drain out and they get immediate relief from blocked sinuses. Several advocate the use of coconut oil - as it tastes better.

Oil pulling is simple and economical. There is no diet or fast involved. There is no substance entering your system, so go for it - what do you lose? 

Source: Medindia

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