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Middle-Aged Females Becoming Vulnerable to Illnesses
Women between the ages of 45 and 64 appear to be the most stressed ones in the United States. These women may have the lowest wellbeing of any age group, regardless of gender. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of development and is responsible for a variety of health hazards. The scientists claim that persistent stress can lead to physical disorders.

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska Academy conducted a population study of women. Around 1,500 females were enrolled since late 1960.

The study focused on the psychosomatic symptoms concerned with stress. The experts noted that in the last five years, one in every five middle-aged females reported frequent or persistent stress.

The stress rate was high in women aged between 40 to 60 years and among those who were either single or smokers.

It was also seen that 40 percent of these women suffered from psychosomatic symptoms such as pain and aches in their muscles and joints.

Headache or migraine was reported in 28 percent of middle-aged females and same percentage complained of gastrointestinal symptoms.

When traced for about 12 years around 27 percent of women, who did not reported of any stress-associated problems, suffered from new complaints of joint and muscular pain while 15 percent women complained of gastrointestinal ailments and/or headaches.

Prof. Dominique Hange, the researcher at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, stated that women's lifestyle has altered significantly since 1968.

The number of working women has increased and this has contributed to rise in mental stress and physical infirmity.

Prof Hange further said that today the repercussions of stress are more easily accepted socially.

The scientists concluded that women not working outside their houses, who are smokers and who are single, are more vulnerable to be affected by stress and related health hazards.

According to the scientists further research is required to find out which methods are effective to cope with stress and to minimize stress triggers and associated health consequences.

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