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  • Spring TMS which stands for Spring transcranial magnetic stimulation or sTMS can help treat acute migraine attacks.
  • This device showed positive results when participants self administered four pulses two times a day. It even reduced the frequency of headache days by about three days per month.
  • sTMS device is safe, noninvasive and easy to use when comes to acute migraine attacks which are usually very severe.

Spring transcranial magnetic stimulation or sTMS prove to be a success in treating patients who have acute migraine attacks. Pulses through this device can be self-administered in the morning or at night as instructed.

The findings of this study are published in Cephalalgia journal. A migraine is not just a bad headache; it is considered to be the sixth leading cause of disability in many people, according to a report of World Health Organization (WHO).
Magnetic Pulse a Day Keeps The Migraines Away

This device has shown a lot of positive results. During the eNeura SpringTMS Post-Market Observational U.S. Study of Migraine study(ESPOUSE) instructed the participants to self-administer four pulses with the device in the morning and four pulses at night over three months to prevent and treat migraine attacks as they needed.

"Our study demonstrated that the four pulses emitted from this device twice daily reduce the frequency of headache days by about three days per month, and 46 percent of patients had at least 50 percent or fewer migraine attacks per month on the treatment protocol. This data is clinically significant. Based on the current study and prior studies in acute migraine attack treatment, sTMS not only helps to stop a migraine attack, but it also helps prevent them." says Amaal Starling, a neurologist, who is the first author of the study.

"For certain patients, treatment options for migraines, such as oral medications, are not effective, well-tolerated or preferred," Dr. Starling adds. "The sTMS may be a great option for these patients and allow doctors to better meet their unique needs."

While there is still no cure, the new study challenges to show that sTMS does work and prevents migraine attacks.

This study was carried out by a few researchers at Mayo Clinic and other major academic headache centers across the U.S. By this they were able to examine the effectiveness of using a single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation device.

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has approved the sTMS device for treating acute migraine attacks with aura. Now, the FDA has also approved it for migraine prevention.

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