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Life Without Death and Aging by 2045

Life without Death and Aging by 2045

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  • Death can be optional, and the aging process can be reversed by 2045
  • The process will involve transforming bad genes into healthy ones, where dead cells from the body will be eliminated, damaged cells can be repaired, treatments with stem cells and vital organs in 3D can be printed
  • With this technology, people may only die in accidents and not by diseases or illness

Death will be 'optional,' and the aging process will be 'reversible' by 2045, report two genetic engineers.

Josť Luis Cordeiro and Cambridge (UK) mathematician David Wood, founders of the operating system 'Symbian,' while publishing their new book 'The Death of Death' in Barcelona stated that immortality is a real and scientific possibility that can occur much earlier than initially thought.


Life without Death and Aging by 2045

Cordeiro and Wood suggest that people may only die in accidents and not by natural causes or illness by around the year 2045. They also added that it is 'crucial' that old age begins to be classified as an 'illness' so that publicly-funded study into its 'cure' can extend.

During the presentation of their new book at Barcelona's Equestrian Circle, the engineers said that nanotechnology plays a key role among other new genetic manipulation techniques.

The process will involve converting 'bad' genes into healthy ones, where it helps in repairing damaged cells, eliminating dead cells from the body, new treatments with stem cells and printing vital organs in 3D.

Cordeiro is based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA, who stated that he has decided not to die and that in 30 years time, he will be younger than he is today.

Aging is the result of DNA 'tails', known as 'telomeres,' in chromosomes of which every cell except the red blood cells and sex cells have 23 pairs and become shorter, as reversing aging requires lengthening the telomeres.

With the passage of time, the telomeres get damaged and shortened, a process that accelerates in the case of toxins entering the body. Smoking, alcohol and air pollution are among the factors that are responsible for reducing the length of telomeres and speeding up the process of aging.

Cordeiro and Wood believe that within 10 years, ailments such as cancer will be curable and that major international corporations like Google will be 'entering the field of medicine' as they are 'beginning to understand that curing aging is possible.'

Microsoft has already announced the setting up of a cryopreservation center, where a scientist is investigating the possibility of cancer being entirely curable within a decade.

The engineers emphasize that it was discovered in 1951 as to how cancer cells are immortal: when Henrietta Lacks died from cervical cancer, surgeons had removed the tumor and kept it, which is still 'alive' today, although 'people generally do not know about it.'

Immortality will not significantly mean that the planet becomes overcrowded, the scientists mention: there is still plenty of room to accommodate more people on Earth, and these days, people do not have as many children as they did during the past decades and centuries and it will be possible to live in space by then.

"If Japanese and Koreans continue with their current trend of hardly having any children, will become extinct - within two centuries, there will be no sign of Japanese or Korean people on the planet," said Cordeiro.

The price of anti-aging treatment was compared to that of the latest smartphones. "At first, it'll be expensive, but with a competitive market the price will gradually fall because it'll be something that benefits everyone," Cordeiro added.

"Technology, when it's new, is poor and extremely expensive, but it eventually becomes common and mainstream and becomes cheaper."

The engineers say they have already been using these techniques for the last two years illegally, as in Colombia, fewer rules and regulations are covering genetic manipulation.

Elisabeth Parrish, their first human patient, 'began to see symptoms of aging and asked what could be done to prevent it.'

Her treatment is very unsafe and even illegal, Wood reports, but at the moment is going well, has not had any adverse side-effects, and the level of telomeres in her blood is '20 years younger than before'.

At first, 'The Death of Death' will be published in four languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean and all proceeds from its sales will be plowed back into the authors' research.

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