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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Your Kid
Most kids are fussy eaters, and when breakfast is concerned, it can be a tough time for moms. So, to make things easier, we've decided to list down a few healthy breakfast ideas that will be exceptionally helpful during this exam season, when moms are probably more stressed than the kids themselves.

Eggs: Eggs should be a staple for a growing kid's breakfast, as it provides a good protein boost, which is one of the most essential nutrients that help your child grow properly. If your kid dreads the daily omelet, here are a few tips to try.

Grab the spices - paprika, oregano, jalapeno and other flavorsome spices are a must. Since these spices are a main constituent of most pizzas and pastas, your kid will actually find it great to have the same taste in his/her morning breakfast.

Think color - For a kid, if it looks good, it probably tastes good. On your next trip to the supermarket, make sure you pick up the brightest colored veggies (capsicums, tomatoes and corn) and add them to your kid's breakfast egg.

Cheese it up - Cheese is a favorite among kids, and now since it is available in almost all forms-spreads, cubes and slices, you can add it to almost everything. Also, since your kid is a growing child, adding cheese can meet your child's daily milk protein requirement, which is an added bonus.

Cereal: Fruit loops and Chocos can make up a simple and easy breakfast option for your child. Experiment with different toppings- fresh cream, bananas, strawberries, raspberries and nuts. Mixing different cereals together can also be interesting, since your kid is more likely to eat something new rather than the monotonous and boring plain cereal.

Ask your kids to add their own toppings, that way, they will be more intrigued and clean the bowl in a jiffy. A plus point of having cereal in the morning is that you get both - a good dose of fiber from the cereal, and calcium from the milk.

Oats: Don't restrict oats to the 'older' generation and weight-loss diets. Oats are good for your kid too. Instead of feeding your kid the add-water-and-cook oats straight from the packet, buy a box of plain oats, and try different flavors every day.

Fruit smoothies: Fruit juices are a great start to the day, but given the seasonal availability of fruits, preparing a different flavor every day is not easy, right? Fruit smoothies can be a good alternative. Pick up dark chocolate and different fruits and whip up a quick smoothie with your kid. Generously shave dark chocolate over the top, and watch your kid gulp down that glass in a jiffy.

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