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 Green Coffee and Weight Loss
We are aware that green tea has antioxidant properties. A study indicates that green coffee bean extract is helpful for those who want to get rid of their excess weight. Green coffee protects you from visceral fat accumulation by its antioxidant property.

Green coffee extract is widely used as a great way for effective weight loss. It can reduce your blood glucose levels and speed up the fat metabolism in liver. Studies in mice have depicted that it controls both weight gain and visceral fat accumulation.

According to experts, caffeine present in the green coffee bean extract has an important role in reducing fat absorption while polyphenolic compounds and chlorogenic acid accelerate fat metabolism in the liver.

In order to study the effects of green coffee extract on weight gain in mice, Hiroshi Shimoda and his colleagues conducted a study that was published in BMC.

For the purpose of study, green coffee bean extract was given to mice for 14 days. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid were added to the diet. The hepatic triglycerides level was noted after 13 days of green coffee administration. Serum triglyceride levels were assessed after administering olive oil to the mice, to test for the effect of the green coffee bean extract on absorption of fats. Additionally, carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPT) activity was recorded after 6 days.

The study revealed that the fat content and body weight was reduced by ingestion of 0.5 percent and 1 percent concentration of green coffee bean extract. Chlorogenic acid and caffeine were effective in reducing the visceral fat and body weight. Using various experiments, the researchers found that chlorogenic acid reduced liver triglyceride level while caffeine reduced fat absorption and lowered the serum triglyceride level. On the other hand, ingredients like neochlorogenic acid and feruloylquinic acid mixture accelerated the activity of carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPT), an enzyme involved in fat metabolism.

It was concluded that green coffee bean extract was effective in activating fat metabolism and reducing the absorption of fat. Caffeine was good in suppressing fat absorption, chlorogenic acid had a partial role in reducing liver triglycerides, and phenolic compounds such as neochlorogenic acid and feruloylquinic acid mixture increased the activity of CPT.

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