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Everyday is Valentine’s Day When You Meet the Right Person
Valentine's Day, falling on 14th February every year, is a festival of romantic love, a day to strengthen, share and express love, friendship and happiness. Expressions of love on Valentine's Day range from exchanging Valentine letters to an exotic outing or a Valentine dinner.

In most of the countries, Valentine's Day is not a holiday, yet couples meet up to spend the day to be with each other. Valentine's Day is celebrated as a mark of respect for Saint Valentine of Rome. Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. The most difficult question everyone faces on a Valentine's Day is "How to buy the perfect Valentine's Day gifts?" Gifting ideas for Valentine's Day depend on how well you know your partner. Fancy gifts such as red hearts, box of chocolates, rings, pendants and soft toys like teddy bear are the choices when your valentine has everything they want. Unique gift ideas for Valentine's Day must be a highly-specific selection of what your partner might enjoy. Personalization of gifts is the current trend, where one can go for personal photographs and messages printed on t-shirts, mugs and stationery.

Finding true love is not about chemistry, but rather to find the right person who will be with you through thick and thin. A good relationship is not about what looks right, what you think should be right or what your friends and relatives think should be right. It is about the feeling of being right.

The beginning of any relationship can start with lack of trust, suspicions and feelings of insecurity. Mutual attraction can pave way to better understanding. Remember that first impressions are not always reliable. Special days like Valentine's Day and the partners' birthdays can be the right excuse for spending time together and building a stronger relationship.

A healthy relationship lasts long and every day is a Valentine's Day once you find the right person. The connection of heart is based on mutual respect, trust, honesty, support, equality and a sense of fondness and affection for each other. Personal space could be very little, yet this little space goes a long way in maintaining the bond of love and friendship.

Nurturing a romantic relationship has to be done very delicately. Investing time and effort into a relationship helps in understanding each other. Find things you enjoy doing together and take time-out from your busy schedule exclusively for those meetings.

Communication issues are of prime importance to make any relationship work. Resolve any conflicts or misunderstandings by talking out things quietly and clearly. The relationship can last long if you feel comfortable expressing your own opinions, thoughts and feelings around your partner. If you are genuinely interested and comfortable when your partner is doing the same, the relationship is bound to go further.

Sam Keen, a noted American author, professor and philosopher, once said, "You might come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

So, this Valentine's Day, go ahead to find the right person and make every day of the rest of your life a Valentine's Day.

Tips to Heart-Healthy Valentine's Day:

A Valentine dinner is one of the most important events of Valentine's Day. A few tips and some planning can help you get through the big night without adding inches to your waistline during those intimate meals and dissolute desserts.
  • Choose nuts and dry fruits instead of a box of chocolates.
  • Plan an active outing such as skating, trekking and collecting wood for a campfire.
  • Cook a fancy dinner together at home. This will not only save the extra money and calories, but also ensure privacy.
  • If you must go to a restaurant, choose healthy options. Choose crispy raw veggies instead of french fries. Avoid the extra buttery topping on the salad and keep away from alcohol and the breadbasket.
  • Desserts are the most important part of a Valentine Dinner. Indulge in a moderate helping of truffles or cake without much of the butter-sugar toppings.

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